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Program Name: Specialized Professional Diploma in Community Midwifery


The Community Midwifery program commenced in 2005 following application for funding  from the UNFPA.

Aiming at promoting and maintaining health of all Palestinians; our philosophy is based on the framework of WHO for basic Nursing and Midwifery Education,which is based on organizing the health care in order to supply effective, continuous and highly excellent care.

The overall aim of the community midwifery program is to provide and promote accessible pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting information, resources and services to people in occupied Palestinian territories in general, remote villages, and in localities affected by the wall and mobility restriction in specific.   

Promoting community midwifery practice will be achieved through upgrading professional nurses competent to work at the three levels of care; primary, secondary and tertiary care settings, as well as utilizing community based economical approach to improve sexual and reproductive health matters and maternal and child health care

Total Credit Hours: 35 Credits

Program Length: Part Time = 15 months (2 days a week with intensive week

  at the beginning of each semester)

Candidates are female minimum age of 22 not more than 35, tawjehee 65% or more. Holding B.Sc / 3 years diploma in nursing from a recognized nursing program, at least 2 years working experience, priority will be given to those who reside in villages & areas around the “separation Wall”.















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