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Nursing and Midwifery Training labs: 


There are five training labs, which are designed for all the students in the college as well as other health professionals who need training. The labs are organized in a set up that include simulation facilities that allow students to learn and practice the essential competencies in physical assessment, fundamentals of nursing, first aid, and advanced care for patients of all ages similar to those in hospitals and clinics with real patients. The labs include manikins that simulate vital signs, signs and symptoms of diseases, giving birth, and different types of arrhythmias. The labs also include equipment and supplies that might be needed to mimic a real clinical environment. Before practicing on real patients, the training sessions are usually done with instructors, who explain the procedure in the lab and demonstrate it on Simulation manikins. Then each student re-demonstrates the skill in front of the instructor and the group until she/he can perform the skill with basic competence. Examination of students includes real life scenarios within the training labs.



The following represent a list of competencies that are most commonly practiced in each lab:


1)    Fundamentals of nursing lab:




*   Practice on hand washing (Medical & surgical wash)

*   Prepare a sterile field

*  Don  & remove sterile gloves

*  Use personal protective equipments

*  Clean a wound and applying sterile dressing

*  Irrigating the wound

*  Apply Bandages & binders

*  Apply Cold & Hot compress

*  Assess Body Temperature (Rectal , Axillary ,Oral)

*  Assess Respiration

*  Assess Radial, Apical pulse

*  Take blood pressure

*  Practice on Vital signs sheets

*  Give a complete bed bath

*  Make an occupied bed , unoccupied bed and surgical bed

*  Perform oral care for the conscious & unconscious clients

*  Show the bed Positions

*  Turn a patient in bed

*  Assist with passive Range –of-Motion exercises

*  Assist a patient up in bed

*  Transfer a patient from bed to stretcher

*  Assist a patient to transfer from bed to chair

*  Insert a Nasogastric tube

*  Administer a tube feeding

*  Irrigate a Nasogastric tube

*  Perform urinary bladder catheterization to Female & Male

*  Irrigate the urinary catheterization

*  Apply a condom catheter

*  Administer a cleansing enema

*  Administer fleet enema

*  Change & Irrigate the colostomy area

*  Administer oral medications

*  Remove medications from ampule * vial

*   Administer intradermal injection

*  Administer subcutaneous injection

*  Administer an Intramuscular injection

*  Add medications to IV container

*  Add IV medications by Piggyback and Volu-set

*  Introduce drug through a intravenous lock using the Saline Flush

*  Administer Eye & Ear Irrigation

*  Instill Eye , Ear ,and nose drops

*       Practice on medication documentation

*  Start intravenous infusion

*  Practice on drug calculation

*  Change an IV dressing

*  Administer Blood transfusion

*  Administer Nasal Cannula & Mask Oxygenation

*  Suction The Nasopharyngeal and oral area

*  Suction the tracheostomy