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 Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Having a degree of bachelor in nursing is the first step to be a professional nurse and it is the minimum educational requirement for professional nursing practice.


Ibn – Sina College started to accept students (male & female) for its BSN program in 1997; the students should successfully pass the 12 grade either from scientific or literary branches then they submit to comparable grade competence, entrance exam and personal interview.


 The general goal of Ibn- Sina College BSN program is to graduate general caring professional nurses, who are competent to provide safe nursing practice, promote and maintain health of all Palestinians.   


The program is based on the framework & recommendations of WHO for nursing education; in addition to; international standards for nursing profession.  At the same time, the program is following national rules, and regulations to suit the present & future needs of Palestinians & to be congruent with the plans of the ministry of health in the Palestinian national authority



 The curriculum concentrates on three levels starting from acquiring knowledge, applying knowledge, and critical thinking taking into consideration the health to be a major concept.


 The theoretical & clinical courses are distributed through out the four years, of about 15-18 credit hour / each semester.


  The graduate should complete 140 credit hours; in addition; pass the comprehensive exam.


After that, the graduate can almost work in different settings including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, mental health hospitals & clinics.


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