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Specialized Professional Diploma in Neonatal Nursing


This is a two years program that prepares nurses for careers in both intensive care and normal newborn nurseries. The program emphasizes the care of normal, premature, sick newborns, and infants with congenital anomalies. Students have clinical experiences in the primary, secondary, and tertiary care settings, newborn nurseries, as well as the delivery room.

Program overall goals:


This neonatal specialized program supports the mission statements of Ibn Sina College to provide comprehensive quality health care education by graduating specialized nurses with the following abilities:


1.      Promote the physical health of the neonate.

2.      Initiate and/or continue stabilization of the sick neonate.

3.      Collaborate with the multidisciplinary team in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of treatments.

4.      Act as an advocate for neonates and their families.

5.      Transport the infant in the most safe, effective and efficient manner.

6.      Promote an understanding of neonatal problems and their management in hospitals, and community settings through outreach education, chart reviews, lectures and interactive teaching sessions.

7.      To undertake strategic service development on behalf of MOH.


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