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Ibn Sina College for Health Sciences

Ibn Sina College for Health Sciences 





Ibn Sina Nursing College was established in 1971. It was offering a three year nursing diploma and a two year midwifery   program until 1996. Then the college worked on a process to change its programs from diploma to accredited baccalaureate programs. The college achieved the mission and established two baccalaureate programs: 

1) Baccalaureate Nursing program

2) Baccalaureate Midwifery program

The Ibn Sina College aims at answering the growing needs of the Palestinian community in the field of health care services. Therefore, its basic objective is to prepare young women and men adequately for their roles as BSN degree holders and staff midwives responsible to improve the health of their community. The college encourages students to achieve academic excellence and aims to develop in their sense of social awareness and a cooperative spirit.


Mission of the College


The college shares the Ministry of Health (MOH) mission in the promotion of better health and providing quality health services by graduating health professionals that are able to provide holistic, safe, effective, high quality health care for all Palestinians meeting their health needs, following the international standards of care.


Programs Offered by the College


Ibn Sina College offers five programs that are accredited from the Ministry of Higher Education:




Year Established

Length of Program

Minimum Requirements


Baccalaureate in Nursing Science 


4 years

Tawjihi or equivalents (Scientific >65)


Baccalaureate in Nursing and Midwifery


4 years

Tawjihi or equivalents (Scientific >65)


Upgrading program RN-BSN nursing program


2 years

Three years Nursing Diploma + Tawjihi >65


Community Midwifery Specialized Professional Diploma


18 months

Baccalaureate in Nursing or Three years nursing diploma > 70 + Tawjihi > 65


Anesthesia Nursing Specialized Professional Diploma


2 years

Baccalaureate in Nursing > 70 + Tawjihi > 65


Neonatal Nursing Specialized professional diploma


2 years

Baccalaureate in Nursing > 70 + Tawjihi > 65

 Objectives of the College


The college philosophy is aiming at improving the quality of health services in Palestine. Therefore, the college concentrated on the implementation of the following objectives:

1) Update the curriculum according to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.

2) Build the capacity of the college to support the infrastructure of the college departments with special focus on the library and the training labs

3) Recruit of qualified competent faculty, and promote their professional development.

4) Participate in the process of human resources development in the MOH according to situational needs by establishing specialization programs, and continuing education activities. 



What is Special about Ibn Sina College?


-  Ibn Sina College is considered a basic brick in teaching nursing and midwifery in Palestine.


-  The competencies of Ibn Sina College alumni escort with the broad-lines of the changes in the nurse’s and midwife\\\'s role in the primary care centers, hospitals and fitness centers.

-  The college strategic plan is directed to keep pace with the national health plan and its priorities.

-  The upgrading programs for the teaching staff are directed towards the various health specializations and the changing health needs in the society.

-  The excellence and standards followed in the college programs are directed by:


1-      The international standards of the nursing and midwifery profession.

2-      The standards of the nursing & midwifery bachelor programs made by the Palestinian Health Council or the Ministry of Health.

3-      The WHO recommendations regarding the nursing & Midwifery bachelor programs.

4-      The systems and laws forwarded by Ministry of Higher Education.


Incentives offered for the students include:

1) Health insurance

2) Employment opportunity at the governmental hospitals or clinics

3) Low tuition (in comparison with other nursing and midwifery programs in the country)



Strategic objectives for the next three years (2011-2013):


1)     Improve the academic and professional level of the graduates through curriculum update in accordance with international standards.

2)     Raise the academic level of the faculty members and develop their competencies as teachers and health professionals.

3)     Develop the capacity and infrastructure of the college to host activities and programs of development and training of health professionals in the Ministry of Health.

4)     Increase networking and building of partnerships with academic and professional institutions with related health fields.

5)     Strengthen and improve the level of scientific research.

6)     Improve the learning environment in college.
::Ibnsina Nursing And Midwifery College::

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