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Ibn Sina College is a one of the oldest schools offering a nursing and midwifery degrees in Palestine. The long heritage and continuous development of the college resources and programs is evident by the quality of the graduates and their professional competencies. All the programs offered in the college are competency based and are designed to serve the improvement of health services in all sectors in the health system in Palestine as well as abroad. The incorporation of other health specialties in the new mission of the college since 2009, expanded the potentials of the faculty to participate in the human resources development efforts in the Ministry of Health. As a result the name of the college changed from “Ibn Sina College for Nursing and Midwifery” to  “Ibn Sina College for Health Sciences”. Our first priority at Ibn Sina College is the development of our students as competent caring professionals. Offering specialized diploma degrees expanded the spectrum of what the school can offer to the community and the health care system to improve the health of vulnerable persons such as newborn infants, pregnant women, and sick patients.


In 2011 the faculty implemented one of the major milestones they are striving for since years. With independent hard work, we established a quality unit in the college and started implementing local scientific researches. The unique and ambitious mission of the college has attracted funding agencies to support the college and its programs.  We continuously seek faculty with the aptitude to adopt flexible perspectives in teaching and learning depending on the context and the needs of the students and the community. It is through the enhancement of the faculty and their abilities as educators, researchers, and independent learners that they can transfer these abilities to our students. 


I hope you will explore our web site carefully to get an idea about the details of our programs and what we can offer to our students.


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